AIB: Don’t get Attached to your First Great Idea.

AIB: Don’t get Attached to your First Great Idea.

RockIt Music – Turning one mediocre idea into a great one.

Used font size as a voting system, +1 for good, -1 for bad. Names blacked out for privacy.

When you want to start a business it’s like going going through the grocery store while you’re hungry. Everything sounds like a great idea. For RockIt, our complicated first idea was guitar strings. It was…..dumb. But we didn’t think that when we started, we were in love with it and put our heads down and started grinding.

We started, in typical ADHD fashion, down several paths to get to a finished product. We contacted manufacturers to start getting pricing, we started designing some branding, brainstorming names, and setting up a new website. Everything seemed to be going well. Until we were ready to do an order for strings.

From good to not-so-good.

Early on in our side venture we agreed that we need to limit the initial investment into RockIt. We decided that ~$1,000 + the  cost of hosting and our time would be an acceptable investment. Remember the step we were on? Ordering strings? Well, manufacturing, like most other production industries, operates on volume making things cheaper. When you only have $1,000 to invest, and only a percent of that being dedicated to the strings themselves. So we had a new problem. We couldn’t afford the minimums. But it’s ok. We have a brand, a website, and a really powerful eCommerce platform to propel us forward (shameless self plug). All of which are pretty much useless without a product…….so back to the drawing board.

Not-so-good to great.

It’s ok to not fall in love the first time. Business growth is like dating. If you marry the first guy/girl that talks to you, you might end happily ever after or you might end miserable, divorced, and poor. Both are realistic options. One more likely than the other. RockIt eventually came back up and after some more thought and a little creative brainstorming we settled on starting with cables. We made a few sales and that momentum brought us to where we are today. Growing, expanding, and excited for what the future holds. If we would have done strings we might have had the same success. Or we might have failed and been stuck with a lifetime supply of guitar strings.