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Application Development and Consulting

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take us with you. Navigating the world of development is tricky for even the most seasoned business owner. We’re here to help keep your app on budget and exceeding your expectations. From laying out the roadmap for development to full stack development, we’ll tailor our offering to your organization’s specific needs. Supplementing in-house development staff or providing guidance on hiring or sourcing from a 3rd party. Each offering with the same goal, to save you money and exceed your expectations.

Project Management and Project Portfolio Management

Project management practices impact pieces of your company beyond the individual projects. They can impact the overall health of your company, your project portfolio and your ability to advance your organization’s overall strategy. UniSyn can help develop, improve, or augment your project management (PM) and project portfolio management (PPM) framework. This allows you to prioritize, execute the strategic projects that will deliver the most benefit to your company. We’ll approach each project with a fresh set of critical eyes and work with you to apply our extensive knowledge of different methodologies.

Information Systems Consulting

From the wifi your customers are using when they walk in the door to the RF guns that handle the digital heaving lifting of your warehouse, IS is critical to the long-term success of your business. It doesn’t take much to cripple your business. From backups to server technology to overall best practices. Our team has experience with organizations and budgets of all sizes. From small mom and pop boutique stores with a single computer in the building to multi-million dollar hardware and software projects for larger agencies. The goal for us is to equip you to make the best possible decisions for the hardware and software that supports your organization. Our process is simple, a walkthrough, some exploration questions to help us understand what you’re trying to accomplish, and then a report detailing what we recommend and where we suggest you move toward.

Sales Consulting

The bread and butter of every business. Selling something. From t-shirts to education, to perfectly cured pork products. Every business is selling something and we’re here to improve that process. Selling should be an elegant and thoughtful dance with your customers. They should feel like they’re getting value throughout the process. We’ll show you how to woo and entice your customers through every step, increasing visitor conversion and growing your business. Read More

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