Content Generation 101: Getting Started

Content Generation 101: Getting Started

Being Creative is Hard

Content generation is easy to talk about. Even easier to tell other people how to do it. Creating 2 or 3 new blog posts a week actually isn’t that hard…at first. The issue is keeping things going. For a limited market it gets even harder. For people that serve a narrow market there’s only so many topics that come easily. But the trick to getting robust content created is to constantly think outside of the box. Again easier than it sounds. But we’re here to help you.

Don’t Cheat.

Getting started isn’t tough so use that motivation to get things moving. Get a few pieces of content knocked out and while they’re easy start putting together a list. This list will be all the other random thoughts and ideas that pop up while you’re writing. For example, while laying out this post I had the idea for how to do market research without failing repeatedly. This list needs to keep growing. But eventually you’re going to start coming up short with ideas. So what do you do from there?

Make Friends.

It sounds really simple. But make friends with your customers. Once you start talking with them you’ll get a whole new list of things to start creating content about. Hobby store? Talk to the veterans about things the new guys do that annoys them. Heating and Air Conditioning repair company? Ask your customers what new tech they’re hearing about that’s confusing. It’s easy lose yourself in our industries own common knowledge. But most people don’t know those things. Capitalize on that. Then repeat this whole process. It’s going to get tough and eventually you’re not going to have all the ideas. But they’ll keep flowing it. Just keep searching and we’ll do what we can to help you out.