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Developing a Strategy

It’s important to know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. That’s why you need to map out and build a strategy before you start your journey into the world of digital advertising. We’ll help you figure out which platforms to work on, how much to budget, and what kind of content you should be putting out to drive visitors, eyeballs on the site, or sales.

Cost: $500

Time Requirements: Two 1-hour meetings. One for gathering information and one for going over the roadmap.

What You’ll Walk Away With: A map that you can follow to start hitting your goals. If you’re wanting to grow your online influence, get more people to visit your website, or just sell more product. This will put you on a path toward success.

Creating Your Campaigns

Once you have an idea of where you’re going you need to start building the pieces to be successful. We’ll help you build out the specifics of your Facebook campaign or your Google Ads. Then you can take the campaigns and use those as a template for future campaigns or explore other similar platforms. Despite their perceived differences, the platforms are all built around a similar foundation. Once you have the base knowledge, expanding on it becomes far easier.

Cost: $100-10,000 (average ~$500) – It depends on how complex you decide to get. 

Time Requirement: One 30-minute meeting to determine needs and goals and one 30-minute meeting to go over launching and monitoring the campaign.

What You’ll Walk Away With: Depending on your level of engagement with you’ll get advertising campaigns built. These ‘just push go’ campaigns will be preloaded with a number of ads that can be deployed anytime. We’ll also provide recommendations for an appropriate level of money to invest each step for each campaign, as well as tips for refining and pruning your campaigns over time.

Managing and Refining Your Ads

You’re busy, and campaign management takes time. We’ll help you build, manage, and then refine your campaigns to help make sure you’re meeting your goals. Our experts can craft ads and ad campaigns for social, search, and non-traditional spots throughout the web. This will help you hit your goals in the most effective way possible. We work carefully with you to make sure you have access to review our work. We always work to make sure you know where our wins and losses are and what steps we’re taking to ensure everyone remains successful.

Cost: 20% of the Ad Spend* – so if you do a $10,000 ad campaign your cost to us would be $2,000. 

Time Requirement: Depending on the complexity of the campaigns we would need to meet as often as once a week or everything can be handled via email. Typically one 30-minute meeting per month to discuss the performance of the various campaigns running is required.

What You’ll Walk Away With: A self-contained digital marketing department for the campaigns you opt for us to manage. This can be some or all of your campaigns and we’ll report back to you with the cost, status, successes, failures, and recommendations for expansion or reduction.

*While there are no minimums for this we do require you to have done one or both of the above options before we dive into this. Just like how we don’t recommend you flying without a plan, we will need to build a plan to ensure success.

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