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Online Selling Made Better.

TopSale was built as a way to make eCommerce better.  We kept finding roadblocks when searching for an option that integrates easily into popular ERPs. Eventually we decided to just build our own. Sampling the best things from our favorite platforms we built something that’s easy to use and insanely powerful.

eCommerce is more than just selling online. It’s wooing and persuading your customers that you’re different, that you’re better. You want your customers to not just buy from you, but recommend you to their friends and come back and buy from you again. To do that you need to stand out. You don’t stand out when you’re locked into a generic design on a generic site, you need to shine. We can make you shine. We’ll do it with a complete package of tools,  analytics, and a professional staff by your side. We’ll help you prosper in the digital world.

Modern Customers. Modern Integration.

Integration is important. NetSuite does a ton of things well, but we do eCommerce better. When we combine our powers we create something beautiful. Easy to use and quick to deploy web stores. Once we’re plugged into the NetSuite brain, the rest is magic. We’ll bring live inventory numbers, pricing, specific customer price levels, shipping information, and more via our connector. Once the store is up and running our stores communicate back to netsuite. Adding customers to your netsuite backend, updating their order history, and more giving you the data needed to better serve your customers.

Not only can you smoothly launch your standard broad focus storefronts but we also enable you to quickly launch new focused storefronts. Our system enables you to bring on a new site that hyper focuses on one core product or customer. Why is that important? It allows 3 great things:

  1. Helps you test new marketing concepts on a product (or family of products) site.
  2. Allows you to custom brand a site specific to your customers and give them a portal to order exactly what they need
  3. Quickly and effectively A/B test new ideas without a ton of variables or the complexity of configuring sub-domains or host files

Shipping Integration

This is pretty straight forward. If you sell products online, shipping is a huge piece of your business. It’s important to have the most accurate pricing and the best integration with major shippers. UPS and FedEx are the two biggest players in the shipping business and you’re probably already using them. So are we.  Our system estimates your shipping based on the size and weights of your products and the size of your shipping containers. But not just based on the raw inputs.

We package your sale virtually and determine how many products will fit in each box and how many boxes you’ll need AND the most cost effective way to box things up in multiple products. This leads to accurate shipping calculations. If you’re accurately handling shipping, you will know what you’re paying. It’s simple. If you’re guessing, you’re probably guessing wrong and you’ll lose money. Do this shipping thing right.

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