GSD Rescue

GSD Rescue

Adoption and Donation

German Shepherd Dog Rescue was frustrated with the lack of traffic, the difficulty updating, and the overall poor performance their website was getting. We stepped in to solve 2 main goals. 1) adopt more dogs out and 2) increase donations to help support 1. The path for us was fairly clear from the onset. A wordpress site with PayPal connections. The client was already familiar with the WordPress backend and would be comfortable making updates to the pages and adding new content. Donations became a little trickier. How can you ask for money on a random site, with no tangible product, without appearing to be scam? Let the experts in payment processing handle it. PayPal makes it easy for GSD to offer dog sponsorship and accept any monetary gifts that people generously donate, all under the familiar wrapper of PayPal.


The website before needed some love to get on track to help them be successful.