Scrubstr Website Design and Mobile App Development


Website Redesign

We had the opportunity to work with the Scrubstr team to create the first-ever Travel Nurse review website. The new platform allows nurses to share their experiences at different hospitals and agencies all over the US.

Our team provided them with a clean design, user-friendly interface, and high-speed optimization allowing their users easier and faster to search through their 7,000+ hospitals and 70+ agencies.

The first of this project was an infrastructure and proof of concept website that allowed users to sign-up, submit reviews, see reviews other users have left, and more. Phase two launched a mobile application on the iOS and Android app stores. This app allowed the same functionality as the website in a more user-friendly and accessible manner. The goal for phase two was to have a functioning app as a foundational piece of the Scrubstr ecosystem that would allow more tools and features to be built upon as the user base (and their needs) continues to grow.