Tuscola, Illinois Community Foundation Web Design

Stone Face Manor

Website Design

Stone Face Manor is a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in Southern Illinois that’s looking to showcase a full range of beauty and charm to its visitors. We’re able to build a website that guides the users on a journey to help them visualize the experiences they’ll have, and a sneak peek at the memories they’ll create. UniSyn was able to use images and the site’s design to showcase the natural beauty of the property and the area on both desktop and mobile devices. We created the copy to entice and stimulate visitors’ senses and optimize for specific keywords with high volumes of traffic on search engines. The design guides users through what their experience will be and ultimately book a room online through integration with ThinkReservations. The entire site came together to allow for significantly easier booking than before, guests and potential guests get all of the information they need in a mobile-friendly (and SEO optimized) manner, and ultimately Stone Face Manor can keep their new Bed and Breakfast guest book growing.