Selling Starts With Why

Selling Starts With Why

Happy Business; Happy Customer

Selling can be rough. Let’s get started on exactly where you begin the process and how it’ll benefit you and your customers.

When you first encounter a lead who wants to buy your service, what’s your first question? Are you asking about their business? Getting an idea for what they want? Learning about what makes them tick? Figuring out if they’re a pancake or waffle person? If you answered yes to any of these then you’re probably doing it wrong. But that’s ok, we’re here to help you. Selling is a scary thing. But where exactly do you start?

For us, we always start with why. Simon Sinek would love us. We’re, rather literally, the poster child for his book Start with Why-(Affiliate link). The book is great and if you’ve never read it you should pick up a copy. His book is about the science and reasoning about starting with why. It’s “why” you start with why. We’re going to avoid the sciencey stuff for now, it gets pretty deep.

But what does it mean?

It means when a customer approaches us and asks for a web store or branding assistance, our first question is always “Why are you wanting this” which usually leads some really confused looking faces. What follows is generally some uncertainty followed by something along the lines of “well we just assume we need this” or “it’s what our competitors are doing.” Those answers aren’t necessarily wrong. But it doesn’t answer the crux of the problem. Why would a customer want a website?

Most of the time they’re right, they do need a new website, or better branding. But almost always they don’t know why (or they haven’t thought about it). That’s where we come in and it’s how we showcase how we’re unique. We’ll walk through our entire process, but it’s involved. Selling is a seduction, a meticulous courting, that requires the utmost care. Just like you wouldn’t try to marry your crush on the first date, don’t scare customers off by being clingy and trying to close a deal on the first meeting (it’s not impossible, but we don’t rush things). A life long customer that knows how much you care about their business is going to be significantly more valuable in the long term than a customer who you pressure into buying your product with an aggressive sale.

Courting Customers: Don’t be the Creepy Guy/Girl

Much like getting to know your future spouse, learning about the goals of the company, learning WHY they’re wanting to do whatever it is they’re wanting to do, it’s important. This initial conversation gives put your customers mind at ease and helps you better understand what they’re wanting. This lets you pitch a project that lines up with what the customer even wants. There’s no reason to pitch a hundred thousand dollar branding and web design project if they’re just looking to revamp their landing page.

So the next time a customer approaches you (or you approach them) start with why. Figure out what they’re trying to accomplish and how your services can achieve. From there you can move on to the second most important question you’ll be asking. What’s your budget?