Time Is Of The Essence

Time Is Of The Essence

ime Travel has always been an intriguing topic. From Einstein to the heroes from comics and movies. From the Flash to the Doctor people have depicted time travel in hundreds, if not thousands, of different fictitious ways. Aside from some really complicated science, it’s unlikely that you’ll get the benefit of being able to travel back in time. Which means you’ll need to make the most of the time you have here and now. As a small business owner how do you do that? So often the cries of people who think they’re busy. But is it really that hard? Are you going to lecture me about how I need to manage my time?

No, not in this post at least. Later down the road we’ll explore some awesome time management apps. Today tho we want to learn about how you use your time. Are you spending 10 hours a day playing World of Warcraft or binging  on Netflix? Do you spend 2 hours a day stopping what you’re doing to check email? How would you ever even know?


Go ahead and print that off and highlight it so you don’t forget. This is likely the most important thing you can do. Why bother doing it tho? It’s not going to fix the problem you have. But what it does do is give you some lovely data to analyze and break down. How much time each day are spending doing each activity. Graph this and take a look. No need to break out excel and get something fancy, although if you’re into that don’t let us hold you back. This is just going to serve as a way to see where you’re spending your time. Are you playing 5 hours of video games a day and then complaining that you have no time to have a social life or pay your bills?

Now what?

Now you fix it. We’ll talk about that in another post tho. For now, see what you can figure out for yourself. See where you can make improvements and do it. Don’t wait around for a little blue police box to sweep you away and solve your problems for you.